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          0576-8830 5588/6688
          Zhejiang SEERED stairs Co., Ltd.Founded in 1998, is located in Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, which is a beautiful mountain, sea and water city, a holy land of Hehe and a capital of manufacturing. It has a superior geographical location and unique resources of transportation, culture, research and development, innovation, etc. Pan Guanfu, the founder of Zhejiang merchants, adheres to the fine tradition of Zhejiang merchants and is determined to create a world-class stair brand from the very beginning. In the past 20 years, Hilden has developed a unique way of entrepreneurship that is proud of.

          While continuously improving the brand and enterprise strength of Hilden, Hilden has always been keen to participate in the healthy development of stair industry; participated in the establishment of stair special committee of all China Federation of industry and Commerce and was elected as executive chairman of China stair brand alliance and executive chairman of stair Special Committee; with its professional position in the industry, Hilden participated in wooden stairs, installation, acceptance and service of wooden stairs The drafting work of four national and industrial standards, i.e. code for use, stairs for residential use, glass and metal Guardrails for construction. It has won more than 20 honors and titles such as "top 10 Chinese stair brands", "leading brand of Jinmu stair", "top 500 enterprises in China Pan home furnishing development", "Gold Diamond Award of China home furnishing industry", "first level qualification of metal wooden stair", etc. We have participated in and witnessed almost all major events in the development of Chinese stairs. Hilden used to be, is and will be the benchmark enterprise of Chinese stairs.

          Under the background of globalization, Hilden and dozens of well-known design institutions at home and abroad have jointly designed and developed more than 100 classic stair works, especially the noble, prominent and wise identity symbols of golden wood stair, which has become good choice for villas and clubs, highly praised by famous brand designers, and become the masterpiece of the collection level stair.

          With the strong spread of Hilden brand, the slogan "building stairs for dreams" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. We have surpassed product manufacturing and started to lead the fashion and create classics. I believe that in the near future, people will remember that Hilden not only represents good stairs, but also represents a high-level concept of life and a ladder leading to dreams. Around Hilden are the dreams of youth and entrepreneurship, family happiness and social harmony We firmly believe that it's happy to have a dream, and it's an honor to build stairs for it! As long as we climb hard, our dreams will come true one day!
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